Is something worse than Adolf Hitler?

Maybe someone told you you were literally worse than Hitler. Maybe you accused someone else? That's awfully subjective, don't you think? How do you compare things to Hitler? The man murdered billions millions of people (billions would be inexcusable!), surely you can't compare your overdraft fees to that, can you?

Actually. Yeah. You kinda can.

How It Works

1 Hitler
1 Hitler is the measurement of human deaths attributed to Adolf Hitler. This value is 6106 human deaths.
SI Units
Using standard SI prefixes, it can be said that one of the most prolific serial killers, Harold Shipman's shenanigans can be expressed as 36 microhitlers.
Value of 1 Human Life
The EPA measured the value of a single human life at $6.9 million dollars, or, 6.9 megadollars.
Unit Conversion
Using SI units, we can accurately say that 1 hitler is equivalent to -41,400,000,000,000 dollars, or -4.1 terradollars.
Interesting Facts

When you bank charges you a $35 fee, you can say, "You are screwing me over by 85 picohitlers," and ask, "Do you have a tiny Auschwitz behind the counter?"

When the US Stock Market lost 1.2 trillion dollars in a single day in 2008 due to Congress failing to pass a stimulus bill, such a thing could be measured as 29 millihitlers.

Joseph Stalin can account for approximately 5 hitlers, the only person in recent times objectively worse than Hitler.

Let's Do It

Credit where credit is due. This particular idea originated on 4chan, and is memorialized in this post on reddit.